90-day Life Mastermind
Next Program begins March 1, 2018
2018/02/28 23:57:00

Are you ready to…

Switch things up in a meaningful way?

Discover your inner blocks to happiness (& any other life or health goals you might have)?

Enjoy life more and be less stressed?

Make healthy changes to your diet & lifestyle?

Basically…are you ready to finally start making all the changes you’ve been saying you’ll make for months (if not years)?

I thought so! And I’m so glad because I can tell you this: Being healthy and feeling good (even great!) doesn’t have to be so hard.

Allow me to introduce my “Life Mastermind” program:

This mind-body program is designed to guide you through lasting, long-term change one small (but meaningful) step at a time.

= Less overwhelm, less abandonment, and more results.

There’s no magic bullet here. Instead: Slow and steady wins the race.

This program is for you if…

You are tired of dieting and sick of being sick all the time.

You are ready to commit to long-term change but don’t want it to feel like hard work or take too much time

(which, let’s be honest, you don’t have enough of to begin with).

You would like to be surrounded and supported by people who are going through similar, if not the same, challenges you are.

3 months for only 197$ + tax.

Free girl enjoying the nature on a beautiful flowery field

How it works:

  • Each week for 13 weeks I will send you a new challenge that focuses on mind, body and/or spirit. This program is all about simplicity because sometimes the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.
  • In a short video or simple email, I’ll explain what the challenge is and how to prepare (if necessary).
  • You will be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can ask me questions about the program or weekly challenge. It’s also an opportunity to connect with other participants.
  • You’ll receive a tracking tool designed to help you monitor your progress and celebrate your successes.

What you may experience on the program:

Sense of accomplishment, more positive outlook, better digestion, improved sleep, weight loss, joy…

Actually, I’m guessing that in three month’s time you’ll look back to week 1 and won’t believe just how far you’ve come. I might even need to remind you of where you started from (good thing you’ll have filled out a pre-program survey!).


Why I created this program for you

Whether you’re looking to drop a few pounds and lose a few inches, become more health conscious, improve your sleep or just learn how to enjoy life more…this program has you covered.

After years of working with clients, I know it’s tempting to go for the quick fix. But real change moves a little bit more slowly and takes a little bit more time. The quick fix works great for a while but it’s not built for the long haul.

And doing the same thing over and over again – and feeling like a failure each and every time…well, it’s exhausting, isn’t it?

I don’t want you to give up.

This program is designed to introduce one shift (one thing to focus on) per week making it incredibly easy to begin incorporating new ways of eating, moving and being into your life.

Sometimes the change will be so subtle, so easy, that it hardly requires any effort but the effect nevertheless promises to be profound.

Each week, you’ll build on your success and keep moving towards your health goals with a sense of achievement and renewed confidence that you can actually do this.

What people are saying

Sandra’s approach has definitely changed me and it’s one of the best things I’ve done for myself. Before I felt tired, slightly depressed, had mood swings and wasn’t happy with my overall appearance. Sandra checked in regularly to see how I was doing. I’ve learned how to eat healthier and take better care of myself in general. I feel so much better and genuinely happier now, it’s like night and day!“”

— Vicki

As a holistic Chiropractor, finding myself in unbearable back pain for 6 years was very difficult.  I tried many, many different therapies but to no avail. After 2 visits with Sandra, my pain disappeared!  I knew that emotions and trauma can take on physical form and I was blown away by the ease and gentleness with which Sandra helped me to uncover and manage the issue.   It has been 2 years since my initial sessions with Sandra and it is very rare that I experience any back discomfort.

— Judith


Hi! I’m Sandra…

When I was in my early 20s I was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It wasn’t until my early 30s that I started paying more attention to what I was eating and noticed the beneficial impact on my symptoms. At that point I decided to go back to school to study holistic nutrition for two years. And then, through a series of chance circumstances, I ended up in Scotland to learn more about how my emotions may also have a role to play in my digestive difficulties (after all, the mind and body are connected). A few years ago I learned to meditate (something I was sure I could never do) and ever since, I’ve been on my own journey of healing while helping hundreds of others along the way.

I work with my clients to reduce both physical and emotional stress in the body which may be a result of poor diet, sub-optimal digestion or – in some cases – unconscious ways of thinking which, over time, can produce undesired physical changes. 

This program is for you if…


You’ve tried everything else…multiple times…and now you’re definitely clear that you need a new strategy. Why? Because you want to start living your life again (instead of feeling like life is living you).

90-Day Life Mastermind
Next program begins March 1, 2018
2018/02/28 23:57:00

Frequently Asked Questions

13 weekly challenges? I’m already tired just thinking about it!

Don’t be! The program is designed so that you only have to focus on one thing at a time. What could be easier? By introducing one focus each week you can build on your successes from the previous week(s), many of which may be incorporated easily into your regular routine. Just think: Over the course of 3 months you’ll have introduced 12 healthy habits and it will have been so easy to do.

What if I miss a week?

Doesn’t matter! You can up the ante the following week and work on 2 challenges or just keep note of the one(s) you missed and tag them on to the end of your program. No stress!

Can you give me an example of a weekly challenge?

Sure. The challenges are either food-based or exercises (physical and/or mind) to incorporate in your daily life. Each challenge will be simple enough because I want to show you how simple changes can make a big difference (i.e. focusing on hydration, which foods offer the most bang for your buck, taking time to become more conscious in and of your life!) but the value of the program itself is not necessarily only in the individual challenges but in having a long-term focus and commitment to incorporate change slowly over time so that it sticks. You’ll also benefit from group support and accountability because while it’s true that many of us know what we should be doing, we have trouble sticking to the plan, especially if we’re doing it on our own. This is where the Facebook group can really come in handy to ask questions, hear about other’s challenges, ask for support, and most importantly feel supported by me and others throughout! I plan to be in the group regularly to talk more about some of the weekly themes and answer any questions.

This is an online program. What if I have questions or need more support?

Don’t worry! You’ll have access to me through a closed Facebook group for any general questions about the program material. If, however, you’d like to take this opportunity to make some major changes to how you eat, think and feel, then I invite you to join me for a 90DLM Deep-Dive. Find out more…


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